Welcome to SlobberBox, a monthly subscription for holistic minded humans and their spoiled dogs!

How SlobberBox came to be…

We’re Heather and Brian and we looooove our dog Macy! She’s pretty much the coolest. She eats a super healthy home cooked diet and when necessary we only treat her with holistic solutions. A few years ago Heather started a small business in East Troy, WI called Companion Cuisine. You can visit her site here www.companioncuisine.com. Upon meeting many pet lovers and discussing the health of our furbabies she realized that there aren’t enough options out there for holistic minded pet owners like us. We thought “how can we help other holistic minded pet parents obtain nutritious options for an affordable price in the simplest way possible?” “Could we send healthy products right to their doors?” And so it happened, after a month of scribbles and sleepness nights they finally came up with the perfect name, SlobberBox.

What is a SlobberBox?

It’s a super awesome subscription box for holistic minded humans and their spoiled dogs!

What’s inside a SlobberBox?

USA made holistic chews, an all natural chemical free healing product, crazy fun toys and amazingly nutritious USA made dog treats! Here’s the best part – The treats in a SlobberBox are all handmade one by one by our very own Certified Holistic Chef for Animals. That’s how you know you’re getting somethin’ great!

About the treats:

All treats in a SlobberBox are Companion Cuisine brand. Companion Cuisine’s treats are all human grade. Go ahead, try them. We do! Yep that’s right, we taste test all of our creations to make sure they are up to par. We love Companion Cuisine treats because we know they are made with a ridiculous amount of love. Also because we know that Companion Cuisine treats actually serve a purpose. We like to call them vita-snacks because they’re loaded with vitamins and nutrients! They dont contain anything we think is gross like chemicals, preservatives or anything we can’t pronounce. On top of that, we never ever use known allergens like wheat, corn, soy or dairy. Do you see crumbs at the bottom of the bag? Sprinkle on your dog’s food – he’ll thank you for it! Cheers to healthy pets!